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How long will my item take to deliver?

Our items ship out of Maryland every Saturday. Crossbody bags are shipped First Class, and weekender bags are shipped Priority Mail. Therefore, you can expect your item within 3-4 days after it ships.

What is Hmongstudios?

Hmongstudios was started in order to distribute the amazing works of the ethnic Hmong people of Vietnam. To learn more about the company, please check our blog post: here

What is special about these bags?

The production process of these bags is what truly make them incredible and unique. First, all of the bags have at least some part that is a handwoven hemp which is then dyed with raw indigo. Bags such as the Tile Weekender or the Flower Crossbody then have their designs cross stitched on by hand with hemp thread. Bags such as the Grey Crossbody have designs painted on undyed fabric with honey. When the fabric is dipped into the indigo vats, the honey prevents certain parts from being dyed, resulting in the intricate patterns seen on the bags.

How much of the proceeds actually go to the Hmong people who made the bags?

We are proud to say that of our profit, almost 40% of it goes to the Hmong people. As this is significantly higher than the industry standard (0.5-4%), it is one of the many reasons our bags are great.

How many people worked on my bag?

Each bag is made by a collaborative effort by a large group of highly skilled Hmong artisans. Depending on the product, anywhere from 3 - 8 people may have had a part in creating your bag.

Does the indigo dye bleed onto hands or clothing?

If the bags are vigorously rubbed, there may be some indigo transfer, similar to high-end jeans. Luckily, if any gets on your clothes the indigo comes off easily in the washing machine, or even with some warm water and rubbing.


What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply ship it back to us within 30 days to be fully refunded.




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